Administration Program of Legislation Reference Data
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About Legislation Program

The Administration Program of Legislation Reference Data was developed for institutions and projects that make the register of the legislative acts collection of health legislation and have as a target public researchers and professionals from the health area in general, specialized in health legislation or interested in this type of information.

The program allows the treatment, storage, recuperation and availability of informations related to normative documents at the BVS - Virtual Health Library, with possibility of access to legislative act full text.

With the purpose of allowing the navigation among the registries of related legal instruments, are registered as hypertext links the following data:

- Amendments to the Act
- Relations of the Legislative Acts
- Original Publication of the Legislative Act
- Regulation of the Legislative Act
- Revocation of the Legislative Act

When registering the electronic address of the full text of the instrument in the corresponding registry, the users can accede to this text, in addition to the referential data. It is possible also to make the indexing of articles in the case of Constitutions and Codes.

The Methodology was oriented to the use of controlled tables that help in the normalization of the data entry.

The Administration Program of Legislation Reference Data was based in LILACS Methodology for Legislation. All of the legislative acts and articles are indexed by descriptors from DeCS - Health Sciences Descriptors, from of which was make a cut for the Legislation area, the DeCS Legislation.

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